While we are all still waiting for the return of large in-person events like UC Celebration on the 4th of July, we’ve got a virtual photo race for everyone in UC for 2021. You still have to go outside to take photos of the answers, but just like last year’s virtual event, you can solve and photograph at your own pace – no time pressure! And you can have a team of any size, so you can work alone or get your friends or family members to help out.mIf you haven’t done one of the UC Photo Races before, this is a good chance to try out the game without having to race on foot. On July 4th, return to this page and you will see a set of ten clues. Each of the clues will lead you to a location or landmark in University City, and there might even be multiple locations that fit the clue criteria – you only need to find one of them! Go to each location and take a photo of your entire team there. Checkpoint locations don’t need to be in order, but do need to be clearly identifiable. Unlike the regular annual photo race, you don’t need to travel on foot, so feel free to use bikes, cars, scooters, or whatever.

Once you’ve taken all the photos that fit the clues, cross the finish line by emailing them along with your team’s name to sdrocketrace@gmail.com – you can either attach the photos or link to them on Instagram or facebook or elsewhere online that’s publicly viewable.

We’ll post the best photos on our UC Celebration website!

31st Annual UC Celebration

Join us next year for the 31st annual UC Celebration on July 4th, 2022 at Standley Recreation Center!

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